1. London Fashion Weekend 2015

    Date 05 Oct 2015
    Thank you @Canonuk for having me @LFW2015

  2. Woodstock Festival 2015 !

    Date 11 Aug 2015
    Kiedy 15 lat temu opuszczalem Woodstock  wiedzialem, ze chce tam byc tam wysoko na duzej scenie . Dzisiaj wiem, wroce tam za rok Ludzie, atmosfera, muzyka ! Kiedy widzialem wzruszenie Jurka wiedzialem, ze sa to emocje ludzi ktorzy mnie otaczali. Spirytualne tance w pokojowej wiosce Krishna wprowadzily mnie w…

  3. MODESTEP @ Woodstock Festival Poland 2015

    Date 06 Aug 2015
    Without a doubt this was the best, full of energy concert at the 21st edition of this wonderful festival in Poland. Regret if you weren’t there, who wants to be there next year 22nd edition from 14 to 16 July. I will be there Bez watpienia to byl najlepszy,…

  4. Natalija & Steven Wedding Day

    Date 20 Apr 2015
    Last Saturday I spent great few hours with Natalija & Steven. Their ”Special Day” was full of happiness, sun and wind but we manage to take some beautiful shots together and they love it.  So….if you or your friends getting married  please contact me and book your wedding session with…

  5. Doc Brown

    Date 13 Apr 2015
    New dates announced !The Weird Way Round by Doc Brown ! So happy to see my photo on his poster ;) #happy @docbrown88 @radskiphoto Second picture from previous dates.

  6. Simple story…

    Date 24 Mar 2015
    Simple story from Ealing Jazz festival at Walpole Park. #lovemusic 

  7. Fleeting moments…

    Date 20 Mar 2015
    So good to go back to the pictures … those taken quite recently, and the elderly. Today, after the eclipse of the sun, which in London no one saw, locked myself in the studio and  returned to the photos from last stay in Brazil. There are a lot but In…

  8. Apes

    Date 18 Mar 2015
    During my last stay in Olinda I meet a monkeys family, which for a piece of banana would do everything. So they made friends with local art dealers and every time they are hungry they are climbing down from the trees and eat. Some say DO NOT FEED wild animals…

  9. Richmond Park

    Date 28 Jan 2015
    30.12.2014 for the first time ever I decided to spent all day in Richmond Park …From dusk to dawn…

  10. Before and After

    Date 16 Jan 2015
    A few pictures from my collection before and after …

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